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4 posts from November 2011

Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Zero Carbon House – Dream or Reality?

Philosophically speaking, for anyone not completely without sympathy for this planet it should be both. However, life intervenes with planning departments, empty bank accounts and the question whether ‘zero carbon’ is more than a slogan.

Zero What?

In theory it is quite simple. The term describes residential and commercial buildings that generate and preserve as much energy as is needed by its inhabitants to live and work comfortably. The emphasis is very much on conserving heat with no or very little extra input required. In Germany it is called, therefore, ‘Passivhaus’ (passive house) because it provides warmth mainly by preventing it from escaping in the first place. Utilising additional sources, such as sunlight through large areas of glass or the heat emitted by inhabitants, supplementary, active generation is brought as close to zero as possible. Anything extra should come from renewable sources, for example, solar panels, ground source heat pumps, etc. This helps to keep the carbon dioxide (CO2) balance neutral.

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Microgeneration Certification Scheme – Does It Matter?

It certainly will do if you are in the market for solar panels, a biomass boiler or similar installation. Don’t be afraid of another case of perverse regulatory output designed to suffocate anyone foolish enough to come too close. This really is able to help in an increasingly complex world of private energy production. It also plays a mandatory part in receiving the feed-in-tariff. Yes we are back with the Feed-in-Tariff scheme (FiTs) that we had a closer look at in connection with the British government’s review of payment levels (From Shining Star to Solar Eclipse?). More about that in a moment when I explain what is behind the certification and how it can benefit you or those you represent.

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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Electric Cars - Concepts, Practicality and Future – Part Two

After setting up historical and technical backgrounds in Part One this return to the subject gives us the opportunity to look at the current developmental status of the various technical solutions, a selection of vehicles and what the future might hold. An in-depth investigation of political support around the world linked with the development of an infrastructure for electric vehicles will follow at a later date.

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Thursday, 03 November 2011

From Shining Star to Solar Eclipse? - Feed-in-Tariff to Be Cut

It was on the cards ever since 7th February 2011. On that day the government announced a review of the Feed-in Tariff scheme (FiTs) little more than a year after its introduction. Before the background of economic crises, the Eurozone debacle, and the drive to reduce government debt apparent hand-outs were bound to be the perfect prey for the British chance llor (secretary of the treasury), George Osborne. Now suggested cuts of more than 50% for solar panel installations have been announced.

Solar Eclipse

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